ProEstimate Heavy Training Classes

Group Training

Oman Systems, Inc has the following classes scheduled. If you are interested in attending one of these classes, simply fill out the form below and press the submit button.

If you would like to book a class for a Friday not yet scheduled, and have a minimum of 4 attendees, feel free to contact Kain McCann at  Or, if interested in having someone from our team come to your location to conduct training, please contact Kain for a quote.

  1. Beginner:            If you’ve never used an estimating software or never had exposure to ProEstimate
  2. Intermediate:      If you’ve used an estimating software and have had some exposure to ProEstimate
  3. Advanced:          Have used ProEstimate extensively for at least one (1) year

Scheduled Classes

Class Date Class Description Class Level Maximum Confirmed
08/28/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 33
09/11/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 37
09/25/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 87
10/09/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 1
10/23/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 8
11/06/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 7
11/20/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 11
12/04/20 ProEstimate TBD 8 11

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